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Live At Blob's Park - CD


Blob's Park, a legendary dance hall in Jessup, MD, closed forever in March of 2014. Brave Combo played one last show at the popular venue two weeks before that sad event. The space was one of our regular stops for a couple of decades and a great place to play, not only because the space itself was fantastic and full of soul, but also because our fans in the Baltimore/Washington DC area can really dance their asses off. For some reason, a high percentage of folks in that part of the country know how to move and seem to enjoy doing it.

Blob's was built by a man named Max Blob in 1933 and has been a favorite of polka bands from the beginning. It's been reported that the first Oktoberfest in the USA was held at Blob's Park. Contained herein are 16 tracks from our last time to grace its stage; a special moment for us. Our soundman just happened to record the show and the results just happened to be pretty good. Hope you agree. Thank you, Blob's!

Jeffrey Barnes – woodwinds, harmonica and vocals
Carl Finch – guitar, accordion, keyboard and vocals
Alan Mansfield – drums
Little Jack Melody – bass, vocal
Danny O'Brien – brass, vocals

Recording engineer – Jamie Platt
1 Eloina's Marbles
2 In Heaven There is No Beer polka
3 Poor People of Paris cumbia
4 Hernando's Hideaway twist
5 Waltz Across Texas
6 Sugartime polka
7 Brazil samba
8 Samba Ordinaire
9 Cherry Pink Polka
10 Ice Machine in the Desert
11 Purple Haze Polka
12 Blackbird Waltz
13 Mas Tequila polka
14 Yo No Bailo Con Juana cumbia
15 Tick Tock Polka
16 William Tell Overture


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