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live at blobs park coverAs promised, Brave Combo's new album, LIVE AT BLOB'S PARK is now available, just in time for the kick-off to polka season.  And, speaking of polkas, LIVE AT BLOB'S PARK is packed with 'em.  Eight, to be exact.  And, of course, there are waltzes, cumbias, twists, sambas, whatever you might expect to hear at a super trippy Brave Combo dance party.  Audience favorites include, “Purple Haze Polka,” “Poor People of Paris,” “Sugartime,” “The Blackbird Waltz,” “Hernando's Hideaway,” “Ice Machine in the Desert,” “Samba Ordinaire” and “In Heaven There is No Beer.”  There are 16 sizzling crowd-pleasers, in all.  This music is seriously fresh; only about five months old.  Blob's Park (between Baltimore and Washington D.C.) closed its doors at the end of March, 2014, just two weeks after these recordings were made.  The old German dance hall was cherished by bands and fans, alike.  So, head right on over to the BC store and download LIVE AT BLOB'S PARK or order it in the surprisingly-still-popular CD format (download, too.)  It's just $10, which comes out to about 60 cents a song.  Incredible, huh?


35th Anniversary Show a Smashing Success

Brave Combo's 35th Anniversary show at the Kessler Theater, in Dallas on Friday, August 22, was a smashing success; a sold-out show with lots of great moments.  Thanks to all who came out and helped us make it a night of bizarre memories.  Since we had so much fun, Tim, Lyle, Lisa and Carl are discussing doing a show in Denton in November.  We'll keep you posted.  Check out this video of the double drum set roar of Alan and Lisa playing together, shot by John Payne, who drove all the way from Texarkana for the festivities and to have us all sign his copy of POLKAMANIA (Brave Combo's very first release, a double 7-inch vinyl 45 rpm set).  


frenchy's lawn truck


Great Article by Robert Philpot on dfw.com about Brave Combo's 35th Anniversary


Carl and Mike CD Now Available
up the wild side of frankenstein coverThe long-awaited album by Carl And Mike, UP THE WILD SIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (denTone Records), is now a rock hard reality and available from the Brave Combo Store.  Carl is Carl Finch.  Mike is Mike Dillon.  The 12 songs cover a lot of musical territory, since Carl and Mike are both antsy people.  UP THE WILD SIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN contains beautiful passages, heavy rhythms, unsettling imagery and a few intimate details (“I saw Led Zeppelin four times and by the fourth time I was bored”).  Explore a strange environment and find yourself feeling oddly at home.  UP THE WILD SIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN is in the surprisingly-still-popular CD format, and comes shrink-wrapped in a simple, yet attractive, eco-friendly jacket. (Digital Downloads are available in the store, too along with iTunes and Amazon.com) You'll be pleased as spiked punch to own a copy, so don't dawdle and run of the risk being left behind.


Brave Combo Accordion Book Sculpture
The University of North Texas Libraries have specially commissioned a "Brave Combo Accordion Book" for their Special Collections. accordion bookArtists Peter and Donna Thomas collaborated with Brave Combo's Carl Finch to create this one-of-a-kind book out of one of Carl's own accordions. Embedded in the red Roma's bellows are many photos of Brave Combo and the story of the Denton-based band.

If you are going to be near the UNT campus in Denton between now and May 9th, you can pop by and see it in person. The sculpture will be on display as part of the collection's spring exhibit in the Sarah T. Hughes reading room on the 4th floor of the Willis Library. It will also continue to be available to be viewed online as part of the libraries' digital collection. https://exhibits.library.unt.edu/spring-exhibit/brave-combo-accordion-book


The diary of Tim Walsh!!!

30 years ago Tim Walsh, then reedman for Brave Combo, keep a very detailed diary of the bands early days. You can now take a trip back in time and experience the beginnings of Brave Combo through Tim's eyes. Check out Tim's Diary.


Machine's Pump

The latest Machine's Pump newsletter is now online.
Check the archive for issues you may have missed. The newest installment will be here any day!!!

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upcoming dates
11/22 West Museum Fundraiser - West, TX
11/29 Texas Christkindl Market - Arlington, TX
12/12 Blueberry Hill - St. Louis, MO
12/13 FitzGerald's - Berwyn, IL
12/18 Dan's Sliverleaf - Denton, TX
35th Anniversary Reunion Show
12/19 Poor David's Pub - Dallas, TX
35th Anniversary Reunion Show
12/20 Fred's Texas Cafe - Fort Worth, TX
35th Anniversary Reunion Show

BC on YouTube!!!

Check out the Brave Combo Channel on YouTube for lots of video fun!

There's a lot of Brave Combo on YouTube. It's the next best thing to a live streaming concert, which is the next best thing to live.

Here are a few of the latest additions to the ever growing YouTube list of Brave Combo videos:

Monster Flute Choir
A performance with the Monster Flute Choir at TWU

Do Something Different
a snippet from the Brave Combo story

Charlottesville Pavilion -
Charlottesville, VA - August 13, 2010

Brave Combo 1
Brave Combo 2
Brave Combo 3

Gruene Hall -
New Braunfels, TX - August 20, 2010

The Satellite Polka